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Machine translation
Spring 2017, посмотреть все семестры

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Day 1 will introduce students to the problem of learning to translate automatically from parallel data with students implementing some simple word alignment algorithms.

Day 2 will cover the basics of Neural Machine Translation with students getting hands-on experience with a simple encoder-decoder model for themselves.

Prerequisites: a basic working knowledge of Python and ability to compile and run c++ code from github would be useful.

The course is taught in english.

Date and time Class|Name Venue|short Materials
22 April
Лекция 1, lecture ПОМИ РАН video
22 April
Лекция 2, lecture ПОМИ РАН No
23 April
Лекция 3, lecture ПОМИ РАН video
23 April
Лекция 4, lecture ПОМИ РАН No
23 April
Лекция 5, lecture ПОМИ РАН No
20 April 2017

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17 April 2017


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