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Algorithms for High-Dimensional Data
Saint Petersburg / spring 2017, посмотреть все семестры

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A popular approach in data analysis is to represent a dataset in a high-dimensional feature space, and reduce a given task to a geometric computational problem. However, most of the classic geometric algorithms scale poorly as the dimension grows and are typically not applicable to the high-dimensional regime. This necessitates the development of new algorithmic approaches that overcome this curse of dimensionality. In this mini-course I will give an overview of recent developments in this area including new algorithms for dimension reduction, sketching, and nearest neighbor search. We will discuss both theoretical results and implementation challenges.

Курс был прочитан в рамках International Computer Science Student School Recent Advances in Algorithms, May 22–26, 2017

Date and time Class|Name Venue|short Materials
23 May
Lecture 1: Introduction and Measure Concentration, Lecture ПОМИ РАН slides,  video
24 May
Lecture 2: Dimension Reduction, Lecture ПОМИ РАН slides,  video
25 May
Lecture 3: Theory of Nearest Neighbor Search, Lecture ПОМИ РАН slides,  video
26 May
Lecture 4: Practice of Nearest Neighbor Search, Lecture ПОМИ РАН slides,  video