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Системы распределенного вычисления и методы их качественной оценки (Fernando Pedone)
Mini-courses by Professors of Lugano University

What: Lecture
When: Saturday, 12 September 2015, 17:20–18:55



Many current internet services have stringent availability and performance requirements. High availability entails tolerating component failures and is typically accomplished with replication. For many online services, “high performance” essentially means the ability to serve an arbitrarily large load, something that can be achieved if the service can scale throughput when provided with additional resources (e.g., processors). In light of the requirements of modern services, combining high availability and high performance without sacrificing consistency is a challenging endeavor of utmost importance. This course will review state-machine replication (SMR), one of the most fundamental approaches to replication, and survey the latest techniques to turn SMR scalable.


Fernando Pedone is a full professor in the Faculty of Informatics at the University of Lugano (USI), Switzerland, and has been also affiliated with Cornell University, EPFL, and Hewlett-Packard Laboratories (HP Labs). He received the Ph.D. degree from EPFL in 1999. His research interests include the theory and practice of distributed systems and distributed data management systems. Fernando Pedone has authored more than 100 scientific papers and 6 patents. He is co-editor of the book "Replication: theory and practice", Springer 2010.